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We guarantee you’ll save more than your membership costs, so if you’re not happy, we’re not happy. “No questions asked” cancellation policy and money back guarantee. (We mean it)

Members text our experts to schedule appointments, to ask home-related questions or to find great contractors for projects.

Happiness Guarantee!

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At-cost pricing for A/C, Heating, Electrical, Appliance + Plumbing  
No home warranty claim denials or contract limits
100% text-enabled scheduling service

Proven home maintenance plan
 Only $23 / month!

Like Costco, but a membership for home repairs and replacements

Cancel your home warranty!
We're half the price + twice as good!


25% to 50% off retail with pre-negotiated rates 

Upfront, no-hassle pricing direct from our service Pros with no markup

At-cost home system and appliance repairs and replacements

Similar to Costco, we use our buying power to give members the best deals possible. We don’t take payment from service providers. Our sole focus is saving our members money on home repairs and replacements and finding high quality service Pros.

Out with the old (home warranty) in with the new (HomeTool)

Member Feedback

Explainer Video
(Let's go!)

Your cell phone # is your login! This is 100% "text-to-schedule" service appts

Custom home maintenance plan with seasonal reminders
When you join, we’ll ask a few questions and tailor a seasonal maintenance plan for your home (and we’ll remind you when it’s time)


Got a question about that whatchamathingy?
If you don’t know what it is, or how it works, simply text us a photo…

Text-able experts for help finding contractors for projects or home-related questions

Simply Send Us a text (and we'll do the rest)

No Website login. No app to download.

At-cost pricing for A/C, Heating, Plumbing and Electrical repairs and replacements

We don’t receive any payment from service providers. Our buying power goes straight to you. So, your price is our cost! No markup at all.

Our sole focus is saving our members money on home repairs and replacements and finding high quality Pros.

Happiness Guaranteed coverage!

At-Cost Guarantee!

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